DIY Silk Pillow Cases

Happy Tuesday, y’all! There is something about Tuesday that makes it the sleepiest day of the week. No longer rested from the weekend, yet so much more work week to go – am I right? It’s only fitting we talk about upgrading our bedding then.

There is nothing better after a long day than climbing into a freshly washed set of sheets and lying your head down on the pillow at night. I had been looking to buy some new pillowcases lately (there was an incident with some scissors and opening of packaging around pillowcases and cutting holes in said pillowcases and then trying to unsuccessfully fix them… let’s not talk about it), and so I was looking into the benefits of different types of linens. As it turns out, there are so many options! Something I came upon that surprised me was the number of beauty bloggers using silk pillowcases.

There have been claims that a silk pillow case can be a game changer when it comes to beauty sleep. Between preventing wrinkles in your skin and keeping your hair from breaking at the ends, it seems like it’s a no-brainer to give it a try!

Let me tell you, silk pillowcases aren’t cheap. I looked around and the only ones on sale had strange patterns that I was not ready to compromise on. Instead, I decided to break my fear of sewing silk and give it a go! It was actually much simpler to work with than I had initially expected, and the final product has been amazing! Both Kyle and I love them, and it feels so luxurious to have silk on our bed!

If you want to try your hand at making your own silk pillowcase, check out my tutorial on Fabric Wholesale Direct’s website!


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