How to Make a Gallery Wall in 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all seen a gallery wall, but have you hung one before? Getting all of the nails perfectly placed so that your pictures aren’t askew can be such a hassle. What if the pictures don’t actually fit the way you wanted them to? How do you cover up all of the unwanted holes once you move the pictures? Not to worry, I’ve come up with the simplest way to plan and hang your pictures the first time around!

This method uses simple tools you already have at home and just three simple steps. The trick is to trace the frames on to paper and then stick them up on the wall to see how they will look. Move them around, take photos to compare the layouts side to side, and pick your favorite before nailing any holes into the wall.

The trick for making sure your nails are all straight and even? Measure the hook on the back of each of the frames and mark this on each piece of paper. Nail your nail straight into the paper, and then remove the paper when you’re ready to put up the frame!

For my gallery wall, I used 12 photos that I placed into these $2 IKEA frames, but this method can work with any frame! Get the full instructions below.

How to Make a Gallery Wall in 3 Easy Steps


Measuring Device (ruler, measuring tape, etc.)
Pictures in Frames
Hammer and Nails


1 hour



1. Trace each of your picture frames on to a piece of paper. Cut out the paper and then flip the frame around. Measure the distance from the edge of the frame to the nail hook from the top and bottom of the frame and mark this spot with an X on the paper.

2. Place tape on the back of the pieces of paper and hang them on the wall. If you wish to make sure they are perfectly straight, measure out the distance between each frame. Try out different layouts until you find one that you like.

3. Nail nails into the wall through each of the marks on the papers. Remove the paper and hang up each of the frames in their place.


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