Easy $10 DIY Ninja Turtles Costume

I have to say, I was in a rut for Halloween costumes this year. Usually I start researching and brainstorming months in advance, but this year I was overwhelmed by so many other things that it was the last thing on my mind. When I realized I was in desperate need of Halloween inspiration, I turned to my three go-to’s:

  1. Spend as little money as possible
  2. Make it as easy as possible
  3. And, make something fun (and for God’s sake, not “sexy”)

Megan really wanted to try to get a group costume in before she moves next year, so we decided to find a four person costume that the boys would actually agree to. Throwback super heroes were the perfect compromise! Little did I know that they would get so into picking which person would be which Ninja Turtle… so we took a Buzzfeed quiz, obviously.

We made four of these costumes the week before Halloween and they turned out adorably! Did I mention we spent less than $10 a piece and they can be made without sewing? It doesn’t get better than that! I’m bummed that we didn’t get a group photo with all of us together, but the night was so crazy. I would say that the lack of photos is pretty much representative of how much fun we had!

Check out the simple DIY below, and Happy Halloween!

Easy $10 DIY Ninja Turtles Costume


Green Tee Shirt
Yellow Felt cut into 6 rounded squares
Green Felt cut into 2 large ovals
White Batting cut into 1 medium oval
Brown Felt cut into a 3-4″ belt
Yellow Felt cut into circle
Stretchy Red, Blue, Purple, or Orange fabric cut into strips
Hot Glue
Sewing Machine and Thread (optional)


1-2 hours



1. Take your yellow rectangles and hot glue or sew them on to your green shirt.

2. Place the batting oval between the green felt ovals and sew or glue them together. Glue them to the back of the shirt.

3. Place the brown felt in between the bottom rows of yellow rectangles and glue all the way around the shirt. Draw a letter for your Ninja Turtle name on the yellow circle and glue that down as well.

4. Put together your look by putting on your shirt and then tying the strips of stretchy fabric around your elbows and knees, as well as one around your head.


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