DIY Khaki Draped Wrap Coat

The clothing item that I get most excited about each year in the Fall is a good coat. I may live in Houston where the average temperature is about 85 degrees, but we do get that chilly morning every once in a while, and I will jump at every opportunity to take out leather jacket or a wool peacoat.

The one coat that I lusted over all last season was the classic belted wrap coat with a draped collar in a beautiful camel color. I found a perfect version at Nordstrom, but was devastated when I pulled out the $1,000 price tag. Coats have always seemed so intimidating to me to make, so I sulked away and kept the dream alive in the back of my mind. What I didn’t realize, though, was that a wrap coat might possibly be the simplest to make.

After studying many patterns I found online, I bought the Butterick Lisette B6244 Coat pattern since it seemed the simplest and wasn’t lined, and I started working through it. I learned a ton about different seam types that I had never used before, and they added a beautiful finishing job to the coat. I did make quite a few changes to the coat, however, since I was swimming in fabric by the end of the project. I also wanted to add a belt, add pockets (what is a coat without pockets!?), and shorten the front collar.

To see how I used this pattern as a base and then altered it for a better fit as you see in my pictures, check out the tutorial over on Fabric Wholesale Direct! I also LOVE the fabric I got from them. It is so soft and cozy, and gives a beautiful drape to the coat. I already want to buy some more in a dark green and start on a new pattern!

Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this blog post. All designs, photos, and opinions are my own.


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