Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bread with Crumble Topping

This recipe post is coming to you from a time where comfort food means a lot. We have been huddled inside all weekend as Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc over all of the Texas coast line. Places like Rockport, Corpus, and Victoria have seen the worst of the wind, while Houston is currently being devastated by floods. So far, most people I know are in the clear and their homes are dry, but many have not been so fortunate. Highways are underwater, cars are trapped in the streets, and no one is going anywhere for a few days. All I can think to do is pray and bake and drink tea and hope for the best.

So if you are like me and are cozy at home, you might need a comforting recipe. Let’s hope this cream cheese stuffed banana bread with crumble topping does the trick.

If living alone teaches you anything, it’s that you can never seem to go through food fast enough before it spoils. An entire cup of milk down the drain, brussel sprouts shriveling up in the cooler drawer, and bananas rotting away on the counter. And thus, I make an unacceptable amount of banana bread.

As Fall slowly approaches (let’s be honest, it won’t feel like Fall for another 3 months), I get flashbacks of biking to Starbucks with my friends and buying those cream cheese stuffed pumpkin muffins. The tangy flavor of cream cheese pairs so well with the sweet pumpkin bread, and I just knew that the same would happen when it was paired with banana bread. I make the same recipe for banana bread all the time, so I thought it was time to try something new and I added in the cream cheese filling and a sweet crumble topping – what a game changer!

I love the textural variation in this banana bread that the crumble adds, as well as the richness in the flavor from the cream cheese. The perfect comfort food for a dark and rainy day. Please stay safe and dry and hopeful as this storm continues. At the very least it has been a reminder that there are so many people who love us and are worried about us, and that all of the hate in the news can be replaced by people helping each other in their time of distress.

Cream Cheese Stuffed Banana Bread with Crumble Topping

  • Servings: 12-16 slices
  • Difficulty: easy
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2/3 Cup Butter, softened
1/2 cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1.5 cups Flour
1 tsp. Baking Soda
Dash of Salt
2 Overripe Bananas (medium to large)

Cream Cheese Filling:
4 oz. Cream Cheese. softened
1/4 cup Sugar
1 Egg

Crumble Topping:
3 Tbs. Butter, softened
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 Cup Flour

1. Preheat the oven to 350 deg F. Prepare a large loaf pan by spraying it with cooking spray.

2. Start by making the bread. Cream together your butter and sugar until they are light and smooth. Add in the eggs and beat for 30 seconds. Slowly add in the flour, baking soda, salt, and bananas and mix until combined.

3. Next, make your cream cheese filling mixture by creaming together the cream cheese and sugar. Add in the egg and beat until smooth.

4. Lastly, make your crumble topping by mixing together the flour, brown sugar, and butter together with your fingers until combined.

5. To assemble the loaf, pour 2/3 of the batter into the pan. Then pour in your cream cheese mixture, swirl it around, and then top with the rest of the bread batter. Top the bread with the crumble topping over the entire loaf.

6. Bake the bread in the oven for about 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Remove the bread from the oven and cool on a wire rack for at least 20 minutes. Pull the bread out of the pan using a spatula and continue to cool on the wire rack.

Slice up your bread to serve, or store for 5 days in a zip tight bag.

Recipe by Bunny Baubles Blog


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