Pom Pom Trimmed Sheer Curtain DIY

I’m finally moved into my new apartment and getting to decorate it DIY style! Well… the style is more of a mid-century meets California meets bachelorette pad, but I love when people can come in, ask where I got something, and I can tell them I made it! Having DIY home decor pieces really makes a home feel unique and give it a personal flair. Most of the time people think of home decor DIY’s as something that looks really homemade and crafty, but these pom pom trimmed sheer curtains are totally chic!

Curtains can totally transform a space by giving it more height and adding a soft edge that makes it feel cozy and warm. I love using sheers in my decorating since I don’t like to block too much light from a space, but I wanted them to still feel special and custom. I saw so many pricey sheer curtains panels at various stores that had the cutest pom pom and tassel trim, and I knew that I could make them for a fraction of the cost.

Check out the full DIY that I put together on Fabric Wholesale Direct’s website! The pattern is very simple, so give it a go!

Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this blog post. All designs, photos, and opinions are my own.


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