A DIY Garden Themed Engagement Party

So much excitement has been circling around engagements this year, and I could not be loving the party planning and celebrating any more! I threw Megan and Ben a casual engagement party back in April, so when my brother got engaged, I worked with my mom and sister on planning a party for him and his fiance!

Brian and Heather have a laid back style, similar to Megan and Ben, but they have a more romantic feel to their wedding, so we wanted to incorporate some of that into the engagement party. The perfect option was to go with a garden themed party, basing everything around growing your love and using a white, green, and blush pink color scheme. We had a few really adorable touches that made the theme really come to life, so check out the tutorials for each of them below!


Photo Tree

To create a focal point and show off all of the adorable photos that the couple has taken over the years, it’s fun to clip them on to a photo tree. The branches provide plenty of space to add photos and is a fun thing for people to look at while they are at the party. You can use branches out of your yard, but make sure that they are not too thick to clip the photos to!


3 Floral Branches
Large Mason Jar
River Rocks
Craft Clothes Pins
4″ x 4″ Printed Photos
Wire Cutters


30 minutes



1. Collect your 4″ x 4″ printed photos of the couple that you are celebrating. (Walgreens offers prints in this size so you do not have to cut them down.)

2. Place the floral branches in the large mason jar and check to see that only the floral portion of the branches stick out of the jar. If the branches are too long, use your wire cutters to cut the branches down to the height that you desire. Place the branches into the jar and pour in the river rocks.

3. Take your clothes pins and clip the photos to the branches. Try to space out the photos so that you can still see them all and none of them overlap.

4. Finish by tying some raffia around the neck of the mason jar.


Seed Packet Favors

It’s always nice to have a party favor for your guests to take home. These seed packets are a cute and affordable option that people can easily tote home, and will help them to remember the party! 


Bulk Flower Seeds
Paper Envelopes
Stapler + Staples
Let Love Grow” Print Out
Take Home” Print Out
Green Paper
2 Large Popsicle Sticks


1 hour



1. Distribute about 1-2 tablespoons of flower seeds into each of your paper envelopes. Fold the envelope over about 2″ to the front and staple it closed.

2. Print out your “Let Love Grow” labels and cut them out. Tape each of them on to green paper with a small amount of green showing around each and cut around them to create a green border.

3. Once you have all of your labels created, tape each of them over the stapled area on the front of your seed packets.

4. Print out your “Take One” sign, tape it on to some green paper to create a border, and cut it out. Tape two popsicle sticks to the back of the sign on either side so that they are sticking out at the bottom.

5. Arrange the seed packets in a shallow basket or tray and wedge the sign behind the back row of seeds. Add little bags of Jordan almonds or other treats as you desire.


Hashtag Suggestion Board

Everyone these days has a hashtag for their wedding day. Why not create an activity for the guests of your engagement party to help create some suggestions? Having the hashtag suggestions out on a board allows people to brainstorm and see what other ideas people have come up with to get the creative juices flowing.


Bulletin Board
Wooden Thumb Tacks
Hashtags” Print Out
Green Paper
Scraps of Various Green Papers


1 hour



1. Print out your “Hashtag Suggestions” sign and tape it on to green paper with a small amount of green showing around it. Cut around it to create a green border.

2. Use your wooden push pins to place the sign in the middle of the bulletin board.

3. Pin the scraps of green paper around the sign. Place pens out to allow people to take scraps of paper off and add their own hashtag ideas to the board.


Even though it was incredibly windy and definitely a little hot, we had such a fun time sipping wine and catching up with family and friends!


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