Suede Fringe Skirt DIY Sewing Tutorial


“Will it ever feel like Fall?” is what all Houstonians are asking themselves this year. I’ve got leather leggings, monstrous scarves, over the knee boots, and sweaters just yearning to be pulled out of the closet. Alas, another weekend that could legitimately  be spent at the pool… we should probably stop complaining.




Outfit Details: Skirt – Made by Me, Similar Suede Fringe Skirt | Booties – Steve Madden, Similar Black Booties | High Neck Crop Top – Forever 21 | Watch – JORD | Braided Bracelet – Forever 21, Similar Braided Bracelet | Gold Beaded Bracelets – Made by Me

In order to wear my favorite Fall trends and still be temperature appropriate, I had to get a little creative this year. Suede is one of this year’s most popular runway looks, so I decided to make a suede fringe skirt that pairs perfectly with little booties. Once it gets cooler I plan to rock it with over the knee boots, a chunky sweater, and tights.



Oh, and did I mention this is the funnest skirt in the entire world? I wore it out with my friends last weekend and I could not stop dancing! Fringe inherently makes you want to twirl around like a child at the playground, and I am not above reverting back to those glorious days.



This week I’m getting prepared for Thanksgiving at home in Chicago with my family and rummaging through pie recipes. I’ve made many a pie but never 100% from scratch, which I find personally embarrassing. This year I plan to achieve a gorgeous lattice pattern, do y’all have any favorite recipes to share with me?

Scroll below for the full sewing tutorial for my suede fringe skirt.

Suede Fringe Skirt Sewing Tutorial


Faux suede fabric that is as wide as your hips + 2″
Matching color 7-9″ zipper
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape
Pencil or Marker


3-5 hours (depending on if you have to cut your own fringe)




1. Take your suede fabric and cut out a piece that measures 24″ x the width of your hips + 2″. On the bottom of the hip width side, measure and mark out 1/4″ x 9″ fringe. If you can find fabric that has a fringed edge, this will make things a lot easier for you. Carefully cut the fringe along the lines you just drew.

2. Take your skirt and add darts to the back that are about 4″ from the edges of the fabric. These darts will end up in the back of the skirt to curve around your bum. NOTE: I ended up making two 2″ x 6″ darts at the top and later trying on the skirt, and then continuing the darts down the back to help with fitting. This made the skirt a little more form fitting for me.

3. Fold the top edge of the fabric down about 2″ to the backside of the fabric, pin, and sew to create the waistband.

4. Place skirt right side up and pin the zipper upside-down to the edges about 1″ from the edge of the fabric with the teeth facing away from the edge. When your bring the two sides of the skirt together with the zipper, you will have two 1″ pieces that fold to the back and the zipper teeth will be the only thing showing when you zip it up. Sew along the zipper as close to the teeth as you can to secure the it.

5. With the zipper sewn on, zip it up and turn the skirt inside out. Line up the two pieces of fabric that are still open below the zipper on the skirt and sew along them about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric.

Like I said in step 2, try on the skirt and see how it fits. If you want it to be tighter fitting in the back, you can turn the skirt inside out and continue the darts all the way to the bottom of the fringe.


3 thoughts on “Suede Fringe Skirt DIY Sewing Tutorial

  1. I have a quick question. Is the 24 inches the LENGTH of the skirt? That’s quite long on someone who is only 5’3 like me. Can I make it shorter? The length of my waist to my knees is 20.5 inches so a 24 inch skirt would be well past my knees and the fringe might look odd. If 24 is the length can I shorten it and shorten the fringe length from 9 inches to about 6 to make it a mini skirt?

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    1. Yes for sure! I am 5’9” so i would assume you could definitely shorten it by at least 4”. Just figure out how far down you want the solid part to go and add on the fringe to that. You can also shorten the fringe if you want!


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