Funeral Cake Recipe Photo Update!

Funeral Cake Recipe by Bunny Baubles 1

I know y’all are now used to my high quality, professional (esque) photos of food and clothing. Things weren’t always that way on Bunny Baubles, however, and I am still learning every day. I’m proud to share with y’all that I finally worked up the courage to work on using my DLSR camera in manual mode instead of automatic. It’s more fun than scary, as it turns out.

With my newfound camera skills, I am excited to share a totally revamped set of photos for one of my all time favorite cakes – Funeral Cake! A light, chocolate cake with a moist crumb and bursts of melted chocolate throughout, this is one cake that you can eat without getting that heavy feeling in your stomach. It also isn’t overly sweet which makes it a favorite every time I make it – everyone loves this cake!

Though it’s a bit confusing, we call this funeral cake because it has the ability to sit out on the counter without drying out for days, making it perfect for visitors coming and going throughout the week of a funeral. A sad name for a truly heavenly cake, but it was what I grew up with and I couldn’t bear to change the name.

Since the original photos really didn’t do it justice, I decided to take some new ones recently when I made it for my friend, David’s, birthday. It’s really the best and I wanted to make sure you believed me. Photos speak louder than words these days with tags like #foodporn splattered all over the web.

Seeing is believing – but tasting is even better. Check out the updated post (simple recipe has not changed), and try it out!

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