The Best of Bunny Baubles July 2016

So I’ve never written a “Best Of” post, but after thinking about it and getting comments at varying times of the year I realized that y’all may miss a post here and there. Not to worry, the gang’s all here!

Each month I will do a roundup of my favorite blog posts from the month to summarize the best moments on Bunny Baubles. July is up and August is here (where did the time go?!), so it’s time to try this out!

July is peak summer, so it’s no surprise that I was dying to sew up and wear the brightest colors I could find. Somehow I turned on the oven a couple of times, flip flopping between chocolate and fruity notes. All I know is there was a lot of sugar. When it came to decorating, it was all about the gold. Maybe I’m foreshadowing the US Olympic team wins coming up – starting today! Are y’all as excited as I am? The Summer Olympics are my favorite, and you will find me glued to the TV, especially during the gymnastics competitions.

Happy August everyone, hope you have some awesome plans in store to finish up the Summer!

What We Sewed

Open Back Tank with Pom Pom Trim Sewing Pattern 3 Floral Summer Skirt Sewing Tutorial by Bunny Baubles 9

Open Back Pom Pom Tank || Floral Summer Skirt

What We Ate

Iced Chocolate Chai Tea Almond Milk Latte by Bunny Baubles 4 Nutella Black Bean Brownies by Bunny Baubles 5Pina Colada Cocktail Cookie Recipe by Bunny Baubles 4

Iced Chocolate Chai Tea Latte || Nutella Black Bean Brownie Bites || Pina Colada Cookies

What We Decorated

How to Paint IKEA Lamp 5 DIY Gold Painted Tribal Pillow Case 1

IKEA Hack for Gold Painted Lamps || Gold Painted Tribal Pillows

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