The Best of Bunny Baubles September 2017

At this very moment I’m cozy on my couch with pumpkin spice candles lit and a full list of pumpkin flavored items that I want to bake… it must be October! I seriously love the Fall, even if my definition of the Fall doesn’t exist here in Houston. On the last weekend of September we took a trip to Charlotte for a wedding, and the weather was in the 60’s – pure heaven for me!

Nonetheless, I have so much planned for October. I am finally not traveling anywhere all month and have so many finished projects that I’ve just been waiting to share and haven’t had time to write up. More home decor is in order, some of which is just perfect for the changing seasons. I also have some recipes in mind, a couple of sewing projects, and let’s not forget Halloween! I’m having my girl friends over to paint mini pumpkins and stuff our faces with candy corn, plus I still need to come up with a costume!

In September I didn’t post much, but I really had a lovely month. Two weddings and a birthday celebration. 27 felt so old to say, but I don’t really feel that old. The more years that go by, the more I realize adults are just older children, so I can’t go crazy thinking into it too much. My close friends came over for a Greek picnic that was Pinterest worthy until a swarm of cockroaches appeared when the sun went down… let’s just say it was the funniest/most horrifying thing I’ve possibly ever witnessed in person.

What are you being for Halloween? More importantly, what are the best pumpkin spice recipes out there? Yes, be as #basic as you can be and please share!

What We Ate

Mini Cheesecake Topped Lemon Bites

How We Decorated

My Bachelorette Pad

Minimalist Fall Wreath