It’s Sew Easy: Adding a Snap to a Wrap Top Sewing Tutorial

How to Add a Snap to a Top by Bunny Baubles Blog

Things I love: rompers. Things I don’t love: holding the neckline of my romper closed any time I bend over, move, or a passing breeze comes by. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if something is difficult or uncomfortable to wear, we will not wear it. Continue reading “It’s Sew Easy: Adding a Snap to a Wrap Top Sewing Tutorial”

Simple Alteration DIY: Button Up Shirt Sewing Tutorial

Alteration on Mens Simple Shirt Final

Button up shirts seem to be troublesome for many men in my life. Whether it’s that the shirt is too wide, the sleeves are too baggy, or the cost of one that fits in all locations is too outrageous to bother, it’s all annoying. American brands tend to build their shirts for huge Texan men, while those poor, thinner framed city boys have to hit the designer stores or more expensive European brands for a fitted button up. Even stores boasting their tall and slim options don’t seem to measure up. So what’s a guy to do? Continue reading “Simple Alteration DIY: Button Up Shirt Sewing Tutorial”