DIY Schitt’s Creek Moira Rose Costume

One of my favorite TV shows from this year was Schitt’s Creek… ok… it’s been a favorite of mine for a while! It’s a simple premise for a show, but the characters are just so incredible and the writing cracks me up constantly. With numerous Emmy’s and thousands of fans, I’m not alone. That’s why this year I decided to dress up as one of the best, and most outrageous, characters from the show – Moira Rose!

Moira is the mother of the Rose family and a truly a fashion icon. She is constantly changing her look, while keeping very much on brand – black, white, a whole lot of accessories, red lipstick, and always a wig! Once I decided this was the look I was going to go for, there were truly hundreds of options. I love so many of her really complex looks, but in order to make it a quick and easy costume, I chose one of her most iconic looks from the show. She wore a white turtleneck tee, topped with a Raf Simons for Jil Sander gown. Resembling more of a trash bag than anything else, she tops the look with her classic blonde wig, silver cuffs, and layers of chain necklaces. Though it requires a bit of assembly, this look isn’t that hard to pull off for Halloween!

I put together this tutorial with Fabric Wholesale Direct to show you how to create the black dress and silver cuffs, and all you need to do is add the white shirt, wig, and necklaces to complete the look. Head over to their blog to get the instructions!


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