Overall Dress Sewing Tutorial

Growing up with a baby sister 13 years younger than you, you get used to her living a completely separate life. When I was getting ready for prom, she was coloring at the kitchen table. When I was graduating from college, she was finishing up a science project about the planets. And then all of a sudden, she’s visiting me in Houston showing me how to apply eye-shadow and inspiring my fashion choices. Enter: this adorable overall dress.

When she came down to visit me, she was wearing a blush, corduroy overall style dress over a white tee with matching white sneakers. I had seen these dresses before online and thought they were really cute, and then when I saw one on Emma I just HAD to have one! The ability to take this dress from Summer to Fall by changing sandals out to boots and a short sleeve tee out to a sweater makes it so versatile. There’s also something retro about this style that takes me back to my childhood and makes the dress so fun to wear.

The best part about this sewing pattern is that it is incredibly easy to make! The front and back are the same pattern piece, and then all you have to do is make a pocket and straps to add on. The only fitting necessary is in the hips, and if you want to simplify it even more, you can forget the lining altogether. The lining does help to add substance to the dress, as the fabric isn’t as thick as something like a corduroy that you might usually see these dresses made out of, so I still recommend that you add one, but to each their own!

To get the full sewing pattern, head on over to Fabric Wholesale Direct’s website!

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