DIY Velvet Pillow Case with a Zipper

When it comes to making pillow cases, I’d say I’m the queen. I have a stash of almost every color pillow case in the rainbow so that I can change them out whenever I feel like it. My go-to method for making pillow cases had always been the pocket method that I shared a couple years back, but recently I wanted to try out adding a zipper instead to give the pillow a sleek look on both sides. As it turns out – it’s almost just as easy!

To create the zipper closure, you actually sew an entire side of the pillow closed, sew the zipper on top of the seam, and then seam rip out the center so that the zipper becomes exposed. No matter what, the zipper is always lined up and there are no tricky spots where it’s hard to get to because of the zipper tap. With a few little tricks, you will want to add zippers to all of your pillow cases!

Did I mention these look SO much more professional? I love that the zipper is hidden on the bottom of the pillow, and it makes it very easy to slip the pillows in and out so that you can clean the pillow case. Though I had always used non-stretch materials to make pillow cases in the past, I tried out some stretch velvet from Fabric Wholesale Direct because they had the exact mustard color I was looking for (which is called Gold, go figure), and the stretch material is so perfect to stuff the pillow into!

Head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct to get the full sewing tutorial!

Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this blog post. All designs, photos, and opinions are my own.


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