White Button Front Midi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Happy (late) Summer!! It’s been a light month for posting for me since my brother got married and I was preoccupied cutting squares of fabric to cover little jam jars as favors, but I managed to sneak in a really adorable new sewing project! This button front midi skirt is my new favorite wardrobe staple.

It is so lightweight, but the midi length allows you to take it from conservative to nighttime. I styled it in my photo shoot with just one button open, but I like opening 2-3 buttons on a really hot day to allow some breeze in! Let’s talk about those buttons. I had a hell of a time learning how to use my button hole maker on my sewing machine since it had terrible instructions, but now that I have it down I’m a little obsessed with adding buttons to things… dare I say I might try making a duvet cover??

Really though, I’m very proud of this project. I learned how to add button holes and buttons using my machine for the first time, and also learned how to use fusible interfacing, which turned out to be a breeze. The design of the closure is my favorite part of the skirt since it is very secure. Using a horizontal button and a hook and eye is a really professional way to finish the skirt and is entirely functional in not tugging and popping open (a very real fear when buttons are involved).

Head over to Fabric Wholesale Direct to see the full sewing tutorial and pattern for this skirt!

Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this blog post. All designs, photos, and opinions are my own.


8 thoughts on “White Button Front Midi Skirt Sewing Tutorial

  1. Can’t sew a stitch but luv luv the skirt. Too cute, wish I lived next door so I could beg to borrow all the gems you stitch up. Thank you Bunny Baubles looking forward to the next treasure you conger up and or your next adventure. Hugs, Connie

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