Southern Soul Nomination – Vote For Me!

Y’all I’m totally honored to have been nominated as one of the top four Southern Soul finalists by Nicole from Lipstick and Brunch! This is a contest for ladies that embody the South in their lives on a day to day basis. If I win the contest I will receive $1000 (!!!), which would make for some seriously great blog updates and projects. I’m thinking a Cricut machine or a professional blog layout, GAME CHANGERS! I’m also planning to send some money to support Houston school art programs. Art was such a great way for my brain to play when I was in school and it kills me think some kids might not get that opportunity. 

If you would like to support and vote for me, I would truly appreciate it! The link to the survey can be found on Lipstick and Brunch’s post here. THANKS Y’ALL!!

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