5 Sewing Bloggers You Should be Following

Happy Friday y’all! Though I don’t have any sewing tidbits to share today, I do have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sewing blogs that you HAVE to check out. Every creative person needs inspiration in their life, and these ladies are always coming up with adorable projects that get me thinking and sewing!

Check out these blogs and some of my favorite posts from each of them:

1. Merrick’s Art

Merrick writes one of my favorite blogs of all time! I am always looking out for her original sewing projects that seem to come out on a weekly basis. All of her projects have simple instructions that are displayed in a similar format to mine, so if you read along with Bunny Baubles you will LOVE this site. She also has the most adorable family, so look forward to that too.

My favorite projects from Merrick’s Art have been the pink scalloped hem dress, the lime lace pencil dress, and the pom pom beach shorts.

Merricks Art Blog

2. A Pair & A Spare

This Aussie throws together a DIY outfit in 10 minutes flat, no lie. Geneva makes the simplest projects, giving you the confidence to try any of them. She also has a fantastic travel diary of the eastern hemisphere that I drool over weekly.

My favorite projects from A Pair & A Spare have been the DIY Lace Up Dress, the Off the Shoulder Beach Dress, and the Bow Party Heels.

A pair and a spare blog

3. Elle Apparel

After seeing the Modern Girls Guide to Sewing on Merrick’s blog, I learned about her friend Leanne. Her site dons tons of fashionable buyable pieces, with DIY’s strewn throughout.

My favorite projects from Elle Apparel have been the flutter shift dress, the kimono, and the kimono dress.

Elle Apparel blog

4. Life is Beautiful

I just came upon this blog, and all I have to say is, “IS SHE KIDDING ME?!”. Sarah’s transformation of the worst garments into the cuteset ones is beyond incredible.

To see what I mean, check out her refashion of a denim dress into a jumpsuit, the refashion of a grandma vintage dress, and the transformation of a men’s leather jacket into a purse.

Life is Beautiful blog

5. Studio DIY

So Kelly might not necessarily be a seamstress, but she does make the BEST Halloween costumes every year. You need this blog on your Pinterest list for the holidays, so I’m sharing it with you now.

Her best costumes, in my opinion, have been her DIY Pineapple, the DIY Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy, and DIY Lisa Frank characters (this is where my inspiration for the Rainbow Angel Kitty came from!).

Studio DIY blog


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