Let’s Try Something New – FRI-DIY

So as much as I love crafting and creating new projects for you guys to try, I never have time to get to all of the projects I want to! I also do not have the space or money to make them all happen either… With so many amazing bloggers out there creating the cutest home decor, most fabulous clothing, and divine baked goods, how could I keep all this insider information to myself? Well, it’s really all out there on the web for you to see for yourselves, but you may not know where to find it!

I am taking the liberty to try something new and start sharing awesome DIY and craft projects from my favorite blogs each week that you can do over the weekend! I’m thinking we call it… FRI-DIY? Like Fri-day but DIY and I’ll share them on Friday’s? Maybe I’m pushing this… but I kind of like it. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy these posts, I already have too many ideas to share! For my first post, I wanted to show you guys these totally hip planter boxes from Tell Love and Chocolate. I’ve been thinking a lot about my balcony lately and wanting to spruce it up with plants. These boxes are awesome looking, super simple, and not expensive to create. Hope we both get some time to try them out! Share your pictures on Instagram and tag me @bunnybaubles!

NOTE: All photos, talent, and project ideas taken from TellLoveandChocolate.com, a seriously gorgeous and fun blog!


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