Let’s Play 20 Questions

I’m all about games. So when Shauna from Rae of Sparkles asked me to play, I decided I was up for it! She always has a fun snippet of advice, an adorable DIY, or an exorbitantly nice comment for me (seriously too nice!) so I couldn’t let her down. Below I answer her 20 questions…maybe you’ll find something in there you’d been wondering about…

20 Questions

What’s your nickname? A lot of my friends call me Julia Mommy…though Bunny Baubles is catching on!

How tall are you? 5’9″

How old are you? 24

Birth place? Little old Libertyville, IL. Born and raised! Though these days it’s become quite the fancy place I never knew it to be as a child…it’s so fun going home!

Ancestral home? So many places it’s hard to remember…mostly Ireland with some German, Austrian, Czech, English…and maybe some others?

Favorite color? I’m all about color in all forms, though I tend to lean on greens the most. I think I love the natural aspect of it.

Favorite verse in the Bible? I don’t have a favorite verse per say, I grew up with more focus on the stories and their message. I like hearing them all from time to time as they have different meaning to me at different times of my life. Good thing for church!

Favorite cuisine? Do sandwiches count? I love them for all meals. I also love dessert…also not a cuisine. This is a bad question for me!

Favorite artist? I recently went to a Monet on the Seine exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and was blown away! I love that the paintings change depending on your view-point, and the light is amazing.

Monet on the Seine

Strangest talent? Does planning parties count? If I had infinite money I would plan a party every week!

Drink of choice? I’m always up for a fun, new cocktail. I have been obsessed with Moscow Mules lately! Maybe a recipe post to come on that one later…

Credit: Liquor.com
Credit: Liquor.com

Biggest dream? Traveling the world, without worrying about affording it. <- Stealing this from Shauna!

How do you take your coffee? A generous amount of milk and a teaspoon of sugar. A good cappuccino is my favorite though.

Currently obsessed with? Anything made with Carrera marble. Clocks,  kitchen counters, phone cases…anything!

Photo Credit: Houzz.com
Photo Credit: Houzz.com

Biggest fear? Getting Alzheimer’s… it runs in my family and is such a sad disease.

Something you never thought you would get to do? Live somewhere where it’s warm in the winter. Growing up in Chicago I was always dreaming of beaches in the winter, and now I live in sunny Houston!

Humanitarian cause? There are a lot of good causes. Growing up my family focused on homeless shelters which I found really rewarding. I’ve also always been a supporter of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as well since I had it as a kid.

Skill you would like to learn?  So I really wanted to know how to play guitar, but I feel like my hands are too small to reach the strings! I might try again…but I’m not sure I have the drive for it. Also, my boyfriend  has been working on teaching me to drive stick shift which I think is an important skill to have!

Experience you want to have? Sit at a Parisian cafe with a cappuccino and a croissant, followed by a walk though the gardens and museums of Paris. There’s something so romantic about it that I can’t let go.

Photo Credit: Workingcloset.com
Photo Credit: Workingcloset.com

Something random about yourself? I’m really into cleaning and organizing. It’s relaxing to know that everything is in its place and clean!

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    1. Wow I hadn’t read this study! It sounds promising. My mom’s doctor told her that they are close on a cure and that we shouldn’t worry too much, but it’s hard when you see so many people go through it. Thanks for sharing!

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