Tacky Christmas Skirt DIY Costume

Tacky Christmas Skirt by Bunny Baubles 2

Christmas always seems to sneak up on me down here in Houston. The hot weather and the craziness of yearly deadlines at work seems to distract me from the cheery season around me! Even my tree this year turned into a Christmas bush covered in little bows… a little pathetic, but also somehow super fun, don’t you think?

 Bowed Christmas Bush by Bunny Baubles

The other thing about the Christmas season that always sneaks up on me is Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties! Gah these things drive me crazy every year. I always forget to look for a horrible, sequin and pom pom adorned sweater early, so there are never any left when I need one. And a party always happens…can’t I throw on a Santa hat and call it a day?

Not wanting to be berated at the various tacky holiday parties I’m attending this weekend, I came up with a new solution. How fun is this Tacky Christmas Skirt? Shiny – check. Bow adorned – check. Actually really cute – also check! This took me like 20 minutes to whip up and cost $7. You have enough time to be ready for tonight, get to it!

Tacky Christmas Skirt Tutorial


A bag of bows
Safety Pins

All you have to do is alternate pinning bows to the bottom of the skirt, making sure to mix up the bow sizes and colors to give it some variation. Depending on your fabric, you might even be able to just stick the bows on to the skirt, but mine were falling off without the pins. Throw on a Santa hat and some cute boots and head to the party! No one can be mad at you for getting a little creative with the theme. Have a great weekend snow bunnies!

Tacky Christmas Skirt by Bunny Baubles 1

Tacky Christmas Skirt by Bunny Baubles

Clothing Details: Skirt – Forever 21 || Boots – ShoeDazzle.com || Sweater (Similar) – Gap || Lipstick – Make Up Forever in Rouge Artist Intense


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