Crop Top Chop DIY Sewing Tutorial

Crop Top Chop - Finished shirt

A trend I’m really embracing at the moment is crop tops with high waisted skirts. If it gives me yet another way to sport a maxi, AKA blanket-sweatpants disguised as a fancy ensemble, I’m totally on board.

Crops can be daunting at first glance… Who wants to show any more midriff than necessary on the rare trips to the beach? You’d be surprised, however, how flattering this look can be! If you only show a tasteful inch of skin at the smallest part of your waist, you draw attention to the best part of your mid section! Wearing a skater skirt that flares out at the bottom or a long maxi helps to tone this look down by giving you more coverage.

Given the fact that crop tops haven’t been in style for over a decade, my closet was lacking in that department. Naturally, I searched around for a sewing based solution to my problem and found an old dress that could be transformed (yes, an embarrassing excuse for a dress at 31″ for a person who is 5’9″… Insert college regret here). If you have any fitted dresses or tees lying around that you could bare to part with, this DIY tutorial is super simple!

Crop Top Chop - Original Dress


DIY Crop Top Chop


Old dress or shirt
Thread to match dress or shirt
Sewing Machine

1. Try on your tee shirt/dress along with the high waisted skirt you plan to wear with it. Take a pencil (fabric pencils work best) and draw a line on the shirt/dress along the top of the skirt.

Crop Top Chop - Draw a line on dress

2. Take the shirt/dress off and lie it on a flat surface. Use scissors to cut along the line you made in step 1. Discard the bottom part of the shirt (or use for a Hippie Headband later!).

Crop Top Chop - Cut along line

3. Turn the now cropped shirt inside out and fold the bottom hem up about a 1/2 inch. Pin and then use a sewing machine to run a straight stitch all the way around it. Sew a zig zag stitch next to it along the cut edge as well if you want extra strength. Fold the sewn edge up again a 1/2 inch and sew a straight stitch along it.

Crop Top Chop - Pin and Sew 1

4. Turn the shirt right side out and try it on. If the bottom corners stick out slightly near your sides, turn the shirt back inside out and pin the sides of the shirt in about a 1/2 inch on each side. Sew a gradual triangle from the bottom of the shirt to the arm pit to slim the shirt down.

Try your shirt on with your skirt. You should see about an inch of skin showing. Congrats, you made your own crop!

Crop Top Chop - Completed Top

The skirt show above is the “Must Have Skater Skirt” from Forever 21 and the shoes are “Love Fury Platforms” by Nine West.


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