The Best of Bunny Baubles November 2017


It’s already December, how did that even happen? Even though it’s Christmas and I have decorated my apartment, drank hot chocolate, purchased presents, and listened to the tunes, I have my mind in 100 other places!

First up is a trip I am taking with a group of friends right after Christmas with my family! I am going to keep it a surprise from y’all until a little closer to the trip, but we are so excited to celebrate the new year abroad and enjoy some chilly weather!

The second thing I have been working on is planning Megan’s bachelorette party! OMG we have so many fun activities planned. In true party planner fashion, I have too many ideas and am trying to decide on how much decor is too much decor (never enough, I know, I agree). The schedule is set, so at least I have that under my belt.

I’ve also been so busy at work – all exciting things and possibly some new avenues to tackle. It’s been a very empowering month and it has me all sorts of motivated!

Because of these major things, I am hoping to still get some Christmas themed posts up for y’all, but it might be lighter than last year. I am still loving this white and pink wreath I made, and really want to recreate these Santa whoopie pies with a new theme this year…

Last month I enjoyed a very relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family where we spent 2 days cooking and the rest recovering. It was perfect. I also completed THREE sewing projects (one to come next week!). I don’t know what it is, but I am piling on the sewing projects in full force lately, and it seems like you’re all on board from the love I am getting on Instagram (THANK YOU!).

Check out the posts from last month, which was your favorite?

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