Homemade Floral Body Scrub – Recycling Your Bouquet

Homemade Floral Body Scrub by Bunny Baubles

After my trip to Hawaii was over, I held on to that vacation as long as possible. After snatching every lei out of the garbage can after the luau, I threw them into my bag, determined to get them home. They made it back surprisingly well, but after about a week I was noticing some wilting petals. Continue reading “Homemade Floral Body Scrub – Recycling Your Bouquet”

Luau Loving and Final Maui Adventures

Luau Loving by Bunny Baubles Blog 25

Three weeks after my trip, I’m finally getting my last and final blog post up about Hawaii. Though it is the last, it includes possibly one of my favorite nights of the trip! Mid week we got a decent amount of rain, so shopping and reading on the porch filled much of our time. We also tried to drive up to the top of Haleakala to see the volcano, but once we got there it was cold. Like 30s and raining… I wore shorts. We took a look at the gorgeous sights, snapped a photo or two, and hopped back into the car. Continue reading “Luau Loving and Final Maui Adventures”