The Best of Bunny Baubles July 2017

Why yes, it is August, isn’t it? July flew by, but was well enjoyed. Having spent the first week on vacation with some of my closest friends, and then the rest celebrating more wedding festivities and friends visiting in town, I feel like I really made the most of it.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve started posting only once a week sometimes. After being on vacation and spending time away from my phone, I realized how much I was always thinking about Instagram and what I was going to make next that I could post. All that time spent on MY blog meant less time thinking about other people. Not that I don’t consider my readers unimportant – I love you all so much and really appreciate how much time you spend reading along, commenting, and trying out the projects – but I wasn’t giving myself enough time to do things for my close friends.  Birthday cards, fixing buttons on shirts, baking cookies for helping me move… all things I used to love doing for my friends but now find myself only doing for blogging purposes.

In order to get back to what I love and honestly give y’all thoughtful recipes that have been tested, posts with better instructions, and true passion in my writing, they may be coming less often. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of exciting stuff coming, though!

In August I am moving (!!!) so you will be seeing some sneak peeks over on Instagram and then a full post once I’m finally all decorated. Might be September by then, we will have to see how dedicated I am! I’m also going on a girl’s weekend to Austin this weekend with four close friends that I can’t wait for! Posting wise, I have:

  • some adorable curtains that will be making their debut in my new living space
  • honestly the best cookies I’ve ever made (REALLY)
  • hopefully some entertaining tips once I get a few friends over to my new space

In July my favorite project that had a lot of love put into it was this chocolate cake with strawberry filling that was for my friend’s rehearsal dinner. I practiced it four times so I could be really confident. That’s how you know it’s really a surefire recipe! I was also so excited that I was able to get the stains out of my favorite blush sandals. What was your favorite post?

What We Wore

A Before and After of How I Removed Dark Stains from My Blush Shoes

What We Ate/Drank

The Best Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Filling

Watermelon Rose Snow Cones

How We Decorated

Inspiration for My New Apartment

Where We Traveled

An Oahu Hawaii Complete Travel Guide