The Best of Bunny Baubles January 2017

January was truly a whirlwind month. Coming back from an incredible vacation, I had real life and blog things to catch up on that were piled a mile high on my desk. It’s been fun, but I’m happy to actually get back into working out this week (just in time for those Valentines sweets to kick in!) and just having a little more free time to just watch Top Chef and not be multitasking on something else.

What else happened this month? Oh, I don’t know, a whole lot of political stuff that I truly do not want to talk about. Mostly due to the fact that I am now pretty much 100% off Facebook because of seeing way too much political talk, I just don’t want to add to it. Is it important? Yes. Is this blog the place for it? I personally don’t think so.

For me, January was busy, but I feel like I was re-inspired by taking some time off. I’ve worked on making my Instagram more cohesive and tried to take in what you all suggested in my reader survey. More home decor, you say! Working on it… I also can promise you that at least in September I will most likely be moving and will have plenty of new decor to work on. Don’t worry, nothing crazy is happening, just a move to a new place in the same city.

ALSO – Did you catch the new post series? I’m going to be working on a monthly sewing project with Fabric Wholesale Direct! This is going to keep me more accountable on sewing projects… and really help me to finish ones I really want to have in my closet!

Let’s talk more current events. As in what are you going to see in February:

  • Valentine’s galore! I already shared some cute projects with you, but I have even more happening in the background. Though I never really celebrate Valentine’s Day all that much, I love the decor, sweets, and love surrounding it.
  • Another sewing project with Fabric Wholesale Direct – the project this month is a big learning game for me!
  • Decor tips – I had to fix my closet situation in a big way.
  • Remember these guys? They’re back… hopefully can share that post this month if not at the start of March!

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