The Best of Bunny Baubles November 2016

It’s December and it’s cold and it’s Christmas time! These are all things I’m very excited for.

November was a month filled with really happy moments – Thanksgiving with my family, celebrating birthdays with friends, traveling to Austin after what felt like months of planning, and I finally committed to buying a new car! Usually December has me a little overwhelmed with Christmas parties and all, but with holiday shopping finished and so many big decisions and moments happening in November, I am actually finding myself really relaxed.

What have I got planned? Christmas movies, baking, holiday cheer in the form of every hot beverage known to man, and being with the people I love the most. If you ask me, I am really blessed to have that to-do list set. I also have some exciting Bunny Baubles work happening in the background that I am beyond excited to share with you all – stay tuned!

Before you take a hop, skip, and a leap into December, make sure you didn’t miss any November fun! Plus, check out my gift guides that will help you with any last minute present hunting.

What We Wore



Suede Fringe Skirt || Chokers

What We Ate + Drank





Sweet Potato Stacks || Stuffed Figs || Fireside Apple Cider || Cranberry Moscow Mules

Holiday Gift Guides




Gifts for Crafters || Gifts for Bakers || Gifts for Sewersn