Modern Glam Apartment Update

So remember when we were planning out Adriana’s small apartment layout and decor plans back in November? Well, she has finally moved in and we have some updates to share!

I am totally obsessed with how everything turned out. Adriana put her own touch on everything, and it looks totally adorable. The modern space fits perfectly with the modern furniture, while the bright colors and glamorous touches of fur and metals add a lot of character to the room. Not to mention the cutest of cute pups modeling her way around the apartment.

Original layout

There were only two big changes made from the original layout. The first was that Adriana placed the bar cart over by the TV to make it more of a focal point for entertaining, and the lamp moved over by the window to make space. She also decided to purchase the one larger coffee table instead of the smaller set of two to save some money and make sure it didn’t feel too crowded.

Some additions included adding a large, circular mirror over by the dining space that complements the other decor perfectly, and as it turned out, the sofa pillows were far smaller than expected. Because of this, the IKEA pillow cases were too large, but I think that the pillows she has on the sofa look perfect. Also, two fur pillows are always better than one.

What do you all think?


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