DIY Palm Printed Outdoor Pillow

Lately I’ve been trying to move my living room outside to my balcony as much as possible. With the weather being absolutely stunning in Houston this Spring, I’ve been totally inspired to make my outdoor space as inviting as possible so that I’m enticed to spend more time out there. Color and comfort have been my two main focuses, and these new DIY palm printed outdoor pillows are absolutely perfect to capture both of those goals!

Palm printed home and clothing items have been so trendy in the last year, so I wanted to add some cute, palm printed pillows to keep outside for when I’m reading or just enjoying a glass of wine. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great selection of outdoor pillows out there to choose from, so I had to head to the sewing machine. Fabric Wholesale Direct carries a waterproof canvas material in tons of different colors, and I thought that the pink and teal combination would be perfect for a palm printed pillow project! (Say that 10 times fast…)

I printed out a simple palm image to trace on to my teal fabric, and then cut out some leaves. To adhere them to my pillow case, all I had to do was sew along the main leaf lines, and this ended up adding some cute texture to the pillow as well! I love being able to leave these pillows outside and not worry about them getting ruined in a [imminent] Houston Summer storm.

For my full DIY tutorial to make these palm printed outdoor pillow cases, check out the post on Fabric Wholesale Direct!

Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this blog post. All designs, photos, and opinions are my own.

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