Easy Lace Up Sweatshirt DIY


Want to take a simple sweatshirt from “I just watched 3 hours of Netflix.” to “This is my street-wear look.” then this lace up sweatshirt DIY is for you!


I bought this blush sweatshirt on Amazon for $8, threw it over my head and proceeded to wear it around the house when I got cold. Since loungewear is so popular these days, I thought to myself, so this counts as fashionable! Though I’m 100% down to get on the sweatpants as a fashion statement thing, I couldn’t help but feel like I looked like I was in my pajamas every time I wore it out of the house. It was a little boxy and didn’t do a whole lot to compliment my figure, so it needed some sort of update.


In order to add a little more sass and a whole lot more fashion to it, I decided it would be really cute to add a lace up detail to my sweatshirt. All you need is a little fabric, a grommet kit (with coupon, always), and a shoelace, bringing the total of this project to about $15, a steal!


Easy Lace Up Sweatshirt DIY


10 Grommets + Grommet Tool
8″ X 12″ Piece of Fabric
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread


45 mins



1. Try on your sweatshirt and mark where you want the V to come down to. Place a mark with a pencil. This will determine how far down the lace up detail will go. Cut a straight line down from the neck of the sweatshirt to the mark you drew with the pencil.


2. Place your fabric scrap on top of the sweatshirt so that it covers the entire cut with about 3″ all the way around. Cut the same slit down the scrap of fabric that you made on the sweatshirt.

3. To connect your lining fabric with the sweatshirt, sew along the V shape about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Then make sure to cut a small slit right at the tip of the V so that you are just about touching the seam.


4. Flip the scrap of fabric to the backside of the sweatshirt and then, again, sew along the V shape, but this time about 2″ away from the edge of the fabric. Trim any excess fabric from the back and at the top of the sweatshirt.

5. To add the grommets, place them along the V shape and mark with the pencil where you want them to go. Make sure they are all evenly spaced and about 1″ away from the edge of the fabric. Cut a very small hole, just big enough to insert the grommets, at each mark.


6. Install your grommets using the grommet tool and a hammer using the instructions on the packaging.

7. Lace up your sweatshirt by stringing both ends of the cord through the front of the sweatshirt on the bottom of the V, and then crisscrossing the pattern as you lace from the back to the front.




16 thoughts on “Easy Lace Up Sweatshirt DIY

    1. Oh no I wonder why, I found the instructions very helpful on the back of the grommet box. Make sure the hole that you cut for the grommet is small enough for the grommet to not slip through but just big enough for the grommet to slide in!


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