The Best of Bunny Baubles December 2016

Well, we are almost halfway through January, and I realized I never made a best of December post! I was on vacation for the first week of January, so I’m going to give myself a break here. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

December was truly amazing. I secured some exciting new work for Bunny Baubles, participated in tons of Christmas activities, celebrated my 3rd bloggiversary, and spent lots of time with family and friends. Oh, and I went to England for a week and a half! The break was needed and I feel more inspired than ever to create and share my ideas with you all.

In January, look for a new sewing venture with Fabric Wholesale Direct that I will be posting at the end of each month from now on! Also to come is a recap of my England adventures, a few stellar recipes, and maybe some home decor if I can fit in another big project by the end of the month.

After getting some time to reflect, I haven’t necessarily made some resolutions (because that word stresses me out), but I do have some thoughts:

  1. I’m going to try to post twice a week, but I don’t want that to inhibit my creativity. So sometimes it might be once a week just so that I can share really good projects with you all, and not mediocre ones. I figure you would agree that that makes more sense. 🙂
  2. I also am going to try to walk at least 5,000 steps a day. While we were in England, Kyle would pull out his phone at the end of the day and note that we had walked 5-10 miles a day! Though I was eating to my heart’s content, I didn’t actually gain any crazy holiday weight (thank you for your sweet Christmas blessings, oh Lord). I want to keep that up!
  3. I want to focus more on people. Sending birthday cards. Inviting friends for tea. Volunteering. You know, the good stuff. Writing for my own blog I feel like I can get sucked up into this world so focused on myself that it becomes obsessive and unfulfilling. I’ve noticed this void and I want to fill it.

Do you guys have non-resolution ideas for the new year? I promise not to hold you to anything strict. Anyhow, I was crazy busy over the holidays and almost forgot about some of these posts already – take a look to see if you missed anything from December!

What We Wore


Christmas Quote PJs

What We Ate




Homemade Cinnamon Rolls || Hello Fresh Recipe Box Review || Santa Whoopie Pies

How We Decorated


Blush and Gold Wreath

How We Partied



Bunny Baubles Turns 3 || Christmas Cookie Decorating Party


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