HelloFresh Meal Subscription Review + Coupon Code


This week I’ve tried something new that I am really excited to share with y’all. Though I am a food blogger who loves to cook and bake, most weeks I find myself scrambling to get meals put together for dinner. With trying to juggle work, exercising, socializing, and blogging, it can leave little to no time for coming up with something inspiring to eat. There tends to be a lot of scrambled eggs, frozen gnocchi, and ordering Thai food, to be completely honest.


If you have found yourself in my shoes with no time to research recipes, shop, and then cook, or you are nervous to try something totally new because you aren’t sure how to prepare the food, then I want to introduce you to HelloFresh (click the banner below to check their site out!).



HelloFresh is a meal subscription box service that sends you completely proportioned out ingredients for delicious meals for 2-4 people each week. You can choose which meals you are interested in trying and pick a day of the week to have them delivered to your home. Once they arrive in their chilled container, you can simply place the ingredients in to the fridge and prepare the meals throughout the week using the easy to follow photo instructions.



I’ve tried a few different meal subscription box services, and here’s why I think HelloFresh is a great one to subscribe to:

  1. All of the three meals I tried were really delicious, but also unique from recipes I have tried before! I tried a variety of dishes – Spanish-style spaghetti, a tri-color quinoa salad, and Thai beef skewers. This gave me a new set of flavors and foods every night of the week, making me so much more excited to cook than to eat out!
  2. Each meal comes with the exact amount of ingredients you will need for the recipe, so you don’t end up wasting any food. This is a complaint I hear about many boxes my friends have tried.
  3. The meals actually take the allotted 30-45 minutes that they suggest when only one person is cooking, making it reasonable to get dinner on the table quickly. Some of the boxes I have tried assume two people will be cooking together so the recipe takes longer for one person to prepare.
  4. The recipes are simple enough for a newbie to learn how to cook, but also interesting enough for an amateur chef to discover a new way of preparing food or to try a different combination of flavors.

Though subscribing to a meal subscription service isn’t cheaper than grocery shopping and meal planning, it is sometimes the only option that will get you away from eating out which can really add up over time. Having HelloFresh do the grunt work of researching recipes and shopping for you allows you to just enjoy the cooking and the eating!


Sound like something that might work for you? I have a personalized coupon code for my readers to get $35 off their first HelloFresh box! Simply visit the HelloFresh homepage and type in the code BUNNYBAUBLES35 to get your discount, and let me know what you think after you’ve tried it out!

Thank you to HelloFresh for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions of HelloFresh’s products and services are my own. I take pride in giving my readers my honest feedback!


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