One Wig, Two Costumes!

diy-sia-costume-by-bunny-baubles-blog-2 diy-cruella-deville-costume-by-bunny-baubles-1

Every year I have a lot of emotions around Halloween. They go something like this: excited, determined, overwhelmed, confused, indecisive, excited, REALLY PUMPED! I was somewhere in the confused/indecisive stage when I decided to buy this black and white wig (Mine is unfortunately sold out! Similar wig here and here).

I always like being something that’s really fun and unique, usually looking to pop culture or fun childhood memories for inspiration. When I bought this wig I was thinking about Cruella Deville, the perfect, glamorous villain and Sia, the fabulous and mysterious singer… turns out this one wig could do double duty for both costumes! You know I love to re-purpose things.

To recreate either of these costumes, all you will need is the wig and the DIY’s for Cruella Deville and Sia costumes that I put together!

If you could only wear one, which would you choose? I think I may end up only dressing up once and I don’t know which to wear! Which costume do you like better?


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