Lace Trimmed Swing Dress Sewing DIY


Not to worry y’all, that “summer bod” that you may or may not have worked for is ready to take a vacation, and it’s time to break out the “Fall bod”. Haven’t heard of it? It’s the one that can be hidden away beneath drapey sweaters and blanket scarves, cuddled up in leggings and swing dresses that look ultimately flattering on everyone, no matter how many PSL’s you devour. This body is ready to be stuffed with pumpkin nutella muffins, only to be disguised under this perfect lace trimmed swing dress.


Since it’s crazy hot in Houston into the Fall season, I am always looking for pieces that can be worn transitionally. For me, the easiest way to achieve this is with dresses. I can pair them with boots and a jacket for a cooler day, or just pull one out with some heels for a sunny afternoon.



Clothing Details: Lace Trimmed Swing Dress – Made by Me (similar lace trimmed dress, similar lace trimmed dress) || Floral Pumps (on sale!) – Guess || Mint Earrings (similar mint earrings) – Forever 21

I stuck to a neutral color palette and a flattering swing shape to make this dress as versatile as possible. Though you can still see some curves, a swing dress is as comfortable as wearing sweats (I actually made mine with sweatshirt fabric!). I also love that the length is long enough to lounge in or even ride a bike.

In order to give this dress a little personality, I added lace to the hem and the sleeves to give it a particularly feminine look that feels very me. Appliqueing the lace to the top of the fabric is very simple to do and can be done on any dress you already own! To simplify this project and just get the lace trim look, check out the last step of the tutorial.


Are you feeling ready for Fall? I know it’s technically still Summer on the calendar, but September was always when the leaves started to change in Chicago and was one of my favorite times of the year. September in Houston is a bit different, fully still feeling like Summer, but as it cools down just a touch I am getting as much time outdoors as possible!

I took these photos in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston with a couple of other bloggers that I’ve met on the Houston blogger scene. There are so many colorful walls and cute coffee shops, it’s hard not to have a great time! In case you were wondering, the blue and gray wall is at 1659 Westheimer, and the colorful artwork wall is at the intersection of Park Street and Westheimer.


See below for the lace trimmed swing dress tutorial.

Lace Trimmed Swing Dress DIY


2 yards Gray Jersey Knit – stretch in both directions
~104″ of Lace Trim
Thread to match
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Paper + Pencil


4 hours


Easy – Medium


1. Fold your 2 yards of fabric in half so that the 1 yard measurement is along the top. Cut your fabric as shown so you have one FRONT, two BACKs, and two ARMs. The two BACK pieces can be cut using the same shape as the FRONT that is lined up along the fold, so I just cut the FRONT first and used it as a template. Save the excess fabric for later when we make the NECK pieces.

2. Start the sewing process by placing the two BACK pieces back to back, lined up, and pin along the long straight edge. Sew this seam 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Open up the halves and you will have your new BACK piece.

3. Place your new BACK on to your FRONT with the right sides touching. Line up the shoulders and pin them together. Sew this seam 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric.

4. Open up the FRONT and BACK and line up the two ARMs with the bodice along the curved edges and pin. The last inch or so of each ARM will remain unpinned that will get sewn together in step 5. Sew the ARMs on to the bodice.

5. Again, fold the FRONT and BACK so that they are lined up completely with the right sides touching. The ARMs will be folded in half. Pin along the underside of the ARMs and down the sides of the dress. Sew along this line on both sides 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Turn the dress right side out.

6. To finish the neck, try on the dress and cut away a little fabric on the front if necessary to make it more comfortable. Then, place a piece of paper on to the front of the dress and one on the back, and trace a neck piece that is about 2″ wide and extends about 1″ past the neck on both sides. Cut out this pattern and use it to cut a piece of fabric to make the NECKs.

Place the NECK on the right side of the fabric and pin down. Sew along this edge about 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. Fold the NECK inwards and pin again. Sew 1/4″ away from the edge of the fold to complete the hem.

7. The last step is to add the lace trim. Simply pin down your lace trim to the top side of the fabric so that part of it is hanging over the gray fabric and sew along the top edge. My lace trim was actually remnants of lace fabric that I cut into scallops and then pinned down. I also ended up sewing along the bottom edge of the lace where it hits the gray fabric so that it wouldn’t flip up.


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