Michelada Popsicle Cocktails

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 8

Until last weekend I had never had a michelada before. Honestly, I asked a lot of Houstonians and they had the same answer. I think we need to reconsider our life choices, y’all. We’ve all heard of a bloody mary (yum.), but what about it’s beer based cousin?

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 7

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 3

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 9

Micheladas are also tomato based drinks with a kick of spice, originating as some guys in Mexico mixed their beer with salsa. A drink and a snack in one, I like their style. Once I finally tried one, I was instantly a converted fan! A crisp light beer mixed with tomatoes and spices was the perfect combo of Corona on the beach and my favorite brunch bevvy. What’s more summery than that?

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 6

Ok, I set myself up there. A michelada popsicle cocktail! By freezing the salsa-esque ingredients into a popsicle mold, they will keep your beer cold out in the hot sun without diluting the flavor. In fact, the flavor just gets better the longer it sits!

Since I’m no michelada pro, I turned to the guys who know what they’re doing. I used Don Chelada‘s michelada mix and the spice packets from their michelada to go cups (awesome, they even have the spices on the rim!) to create the popsicles and added one to my favorite Mexican beer. Don Chelada started in San Antonio, and I love supporting a good Texas business.

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 1

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 2

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails with Don Chelada 5

Next time you think about hosting taco Tuesday, serve up some michelada popsicle cocktails next to the margaritas for a fun new twist!

Michelada Popsicle Cocktails

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


24 oz. Don Chelada’s Michelada Mix
Spice Packets from Don Chelada’s Michelada To Go Cups, or chile lime seasoning
1 Lime
6 12 oz. Beers

1. To make the popsicles, slice up your lime and place one lime slice into each popsicle mold (mine are from Ikea). Take your Don Chelada Michelada Mix and pour 4 oz. into six popsicle molds. Place them in the freezer for about one hour.

2. Take you popsicles out of the freezer. They should be only slightly frozen at this point. Sprinkle some of the spices from the Don Chelada Michelada To Go Cups on to the tops of the molds and place a popsicle stick into each one. Place the popsicles back into the freezer for at least three hours.

3. Once your popsicles have hardened, pull them out of the freezer. Rim a glass or mason jar with lime juice, pour some of the spice mix on to a plate, and flip your cups over to coat the rims in spices. Pour in your beer, add the popsicle, and serve immediately.

Recipe by Bunny Baubles Blog

This post was sponsored by Don Chelada. All recipe ideas and opinions are my own.


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