Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 4

The last couple of weeks in Houston we have seen some bone chilling 50 degree days. I know it sounds lame, but the humidity makes it feel 20 degrees colder, I swear. Though I’ve stocked my house with cozy pillows and shareable sized blankets, sometimes we all need to leave the couch to stock up on more hot cocoa and tea and for some reason wearing a comforter as a coat isn’t acceptable. The solution: blanket scarves.

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 7

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 3

Details: Necklace Watch Eyeliner | Lipstick | Nail Polish

This new invention is genius. Some sleepy person who needed to get to the airport at 5 in the morning in the middle of Winter was like, I’m wearing my blanket and I’m going to look amazing. Now they’re selling blankets in the clothing section at Target for $20 that are the perfect size for your neck, super cozy, and fit right in for the holiday season. I’m here to sell you on my no sew version for $5.

There are tons of flannel patterns on sale at Joann’s right now, most of which are 50% off, leaving a yard of flannel at about $5. (If you aren’t buying something on sale or using at least a 40% off coupon at Joann’s, you’re doing it wrong.) This requires no skill and minimal tools, plus makes the PERFECT gift for your stylish or home body friends for Christmas. Grab your scissors and start up the dryer – let’s make this the year of DIY gifts!

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 5

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY


1 yard Flannel
Washer and Dryer

All you need to do is throw your flannel in to the washing machine (with a load of laundry if you want to save on water) for a quick wash, and then place it in the dryer for a full cycle. Once you take it out, the fabric will have frayed along the cut edges. Use your scissors to trim the frayed edge where long pieces hang. To style your scarf like I did, fold the fabric in half diagonally and tie two ends together behind your neck with a large triangular piece hanging down at your neck. Pull the long tied ends to the front and you’re ready to head out into a Winter wonderland!

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 2

Flannel Blanket Scarf DIY by Bunny Baubles Blog 6


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