Fri-DIY: Modern Furniture on the Cheap

Photo Credit: A Pair of Pears
Photo Credit: A Pair of Pears

I’m not sure if you know this about me or not, but I am truly obsessed with mid-century modern furniture. If it has tapered legs, warm toned wood, and a sleek shape I am sure to love it. Over time, Megan and I have worked on furnishing our apartment with new, solid pieces of furniture to replace anything we had acquired back in college, with the exception of the coffee table. Ridiculously enough, it was probably the piece of furniture in the worst shape. Staring at the wood composite slathered in black “stain” that was peeling and bubbling over most of the top, I was driven to figure out something to do about it.

Nicely enough, my parents were doing some Spring cleaning, and they offered to ship me a beautiful modern table my dad had made and designed years ago! I love the new look in our space, and it’s really awesome to have something that was made by my dad. He’s made many of the beautiful tables in my parent’s house, and it’s really a blessing to have gotten to inherit one already!

Modern Coffee Table made by Dad

Before this generous gift was bestowed upon me, I had worked on figuring out a mid-century modern fix for our sad coffee table. I found this incredibly simple coffee table design by A Pair of Pears and would have jumped right into building if not for the gorgeous alternative coming into my life.

This coffee table is not only stylish and simple, it’s inexpensive to make too! What’s even better is that it’s almost fail-proof for a new furniture maker (like me and pretty much everyone else I know in their 20’s). With a piece of wood, four tapered legs, some hardware, and stain, you will be revamping your living room in no time!

Thanks again to A Pair of Pears for sharing this post and for the incredible idea!

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