A Modern Glam Apartment on a Budget

Once in a while you have the optimal situation where you get to start from scratch on your home decor. In this case, my friend Adriana was moving from her temporary spot at her parent’s house to her first solo apartment and had little to no furniture, and she graciously turned to me to help her plan the space! Shopping for a space that I am bound to spend time in that I also don’t have to pay for: living the dream.

We went through an in depth design process, and I thought I would step you through each of the steps, as well as show you some of the best layouts we came up with! Continue reading “A Modern Glam Apartment on a Budget”

A Feminine California Style Living Room

How sick are you guys of hearing about how I’m moving soon? Well don’t worry, it’s happening soon and then I can get to work on numerous home DIY’s that I know you all love! I finally found a place to call my own and I can’t wait to decorate it.

Continue reading “A Feminine California Style Living Room”