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Hello there! I hope this blog has found you in a hungry mood… for sweets or sewing, that is. Aspiring seamstress since the age of ten and avid baker for as long as I can remember, I found myself getting a lot of requests for recipes and tutorials, so this blog was founded! I love posting DIY projects and recipes for my readers to try for themselves. I hope you find something here that inspires you!

Having never been formally trained in fashion or clothing creation, I pride myself in making custom clothing without set patterns that anyone could recreate at home based on clothing they already own or with simple shapes. I take most of my inspiration from clothing I see around me. Whether the items I love are too expensive, are unavailable, or come in the wrong color, they all drive me to make my own versions! Though I’ve made many items of clothing in my closet, I also love to shop, and thus will try to share my original inspiration pieces just in case you aren’t feeling up to a DIY project.

My first love before my sewing machine was with my mom’s Kitchen Aid mixer. So many recipes shared on this blog are family favorites I have been making for years, while others are something new that I have created from scratch or adapted from recipes that I have seen. I vouch for the tastiness of each item, seeing as I eat all of them and make my loved ones indulge along with me.

Here and there I sprinkle some other DIY project in there for party planning, home decor, and cooking, so be sure to look out for those posts too!


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    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve had a fun time with the blog, it’s been a nice project to get my crafts out there for other people to try!


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